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Medics UK are currently recruiting First Aid staff, ECA's, Paramedics and Nurses for locum work at major events across the UK.

Interested in joining us? Please download our online application form or contact our team at info@medicsuk.net

Who we are

  • Remote Medicine
  • Pre Hospital Clinical Training
  • Occupational Health
  • Offshore Support Services
  • Wide range of fully equipped ambulances including 4x4 Enhanced Vehicles, Frontline Ambulances and Response Motorcycles
  • CQC Registered and members of the Independent Ambulance Association.
  • Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Experts in Medical Planninng and Risk assessment
  • Suppliers of A&E Placements

Offshore medics

The offshore installations and pipeline works (first aid) regulations 1989 placed a duty on those in control of offshore installations, pipeline works, or any associated activities to make provision for persons to administer first aid and emergency treatment to those who become ill or injured at work.

This is a UK Health and Safety Executive approved course

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Medical Cover

Medical support is one of the most important parts of any organised event.

We provide everything from standard First Aid Cover to HCPC Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Primary Care Medics.

We also have a wide range of medical vehicles, suitable for most needs including 4x4 enhanced ambulances and traditional Hi Top ambulances, as well as medical tents and trailers.

We have recently purchased new ambulances and rapid response vehicles as well as a Quadzilla UTV to enable our paramedics to reach patients quickly and safely whatever the terrain.


Medics UK are currently holding an offshore medical training course at the HHSL Safety systems center in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Our relationship with Middlesbrough Football Club and National Hunt Horse Racing Meetings continue to flourish. We currently provide the paramedic ambulance for MFC players in the EFL Championship and cup match days and also supply medical teams for the U21 and U18 teams.

In 2017 we are continuing to provide the medical support for Run For All Events across the UK and the Yorkshire marathon as well as working with Events of the North at the Kielder Marathon.


What we stand for


We value our customers our staff our students and our patients. We also value the reputation for clinical excellance that we have worked hard to achieve


We are recognised and approved by a large number of professional bodies and are one of the founder members of the independent ambulance service


We believe in keeping our clients healthy and safe and to support this Medics UK have invested heavily in staff development, Equipment and Vehicles


Medics UK are unique in our provision of Training, Occupational Health, Remote Medicine and Medical Support. We are able to do this due to our wealth of experience in all of these areas

Who we work with